Rollable and stackable

The G-RAXX basic modules are supplied as completely assembled frame structures and can be fitted with wheels or adjustable tube frames. The modules have a width of 60 cm. With G-Raxx the frontframe is just hooked into the basic module giving you the opportunity to also use G-Raxx as a table module.


Foldable and highly mobile

G-FLEXX basic modules are foldable, small, lightweight and handy: A G-FLEXX basic module comfortably fits into any car. The frontframe for the bartop is already integrated in the built up, one base module can be used as the basis for a complete 1.2 m bar.

G-FLEXX MINI is basically half a G-Flexx. With its width of 60 cm it can be used as a single small bar or to enlarge a 1.2 m to a 1.8 m bar.

Product Overview

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